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Sanur Beach Bali: The Perfect Place to Invest in Real Estate

Sanur beach in Bali is undergoing a major transformation, with global scale infrastructure being built and modern innovations being implemented, the one time quiet seaside town is fast becoming the island’s most sought after destination for tourists and investors alike.

The new infrastructure includes a new port in Sanur, an international hospital being built in cooperation with the prestigious USA Mayo Clinic and an international university R.M.I.T. ICON Bali is under construction and will become Bali’s premier lifestyle, culinary, business and cultural center and the G20 summit will be held in Nusa Dua, a short distance from Sanur in November 2022.

Finally, the trusted real estate developers, The Magnum Estate, are building The Magnum Residence Sanur. The first 165-room development will offer the only true beachfront residential residence in Bali, Indonesia. It is the only luxury beachfront development of this scale that offers views, immediate beach access and lagoon-like swimming conditions. Collectively, infrastructure of this scale provides a significant injection of revenue into the Sanur compound.

Residential beachfront property is a global rarity and even more so on the tiny island of Bali. The Magnum Group reports that “90% investors and residents alike, specifically request beach frontage.”

However a majority of beachfront property is owned by major Hotel Groups and other beachfront property is not available due to green Government zoning. Where Bali residential zoning is available the geography precludes direct beach access or the ocean itself is unswimmable due to reefs and rips.

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In addition, The Magnum Residence Sanur will offer real estate value growth of 150 – 200% over the first three years due to the following factors:

  • The cost of square meterage will increase by circa 20-25 percent as each construction phase is completed
  • Tourism is increasing by circa 20 percent per annum on average in Bali post Covid
  • Property investment in South East Asia continues to increase, on average 30% per annum
  • Global scale infrastructure to the area also adds significant value to the developments value

The Magnum Residence has also secured a hotel license for its property. This will provide investors with an option to rent their apartments year round to create passive income. In addition the Magnum Group offers an in-house service to manage the rental property on behalf of the investor (offering day, week and monthly rates). Investors will also be invited to self manage their rental property or to live in the residence themselves (without any personal limitation on time spent). On average investors can expect a (net) ROI of 17% percent within the first 3 years.

The Sanur Complex offers 165 apartments total:

  • 113 one bedroom apartments
  • 47 two bedroom apartments
  • 5 three bedroom apartments

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