Vietnam & Thailand Real Estate Informations

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Vietnam has emerged as a premium market choice for foreign investors looking to venture into Asia. The country is located on the South China Sea, and is mostly known for its breath-taking sceneries, great food culture and …

Residential real estate in Vietnam remains one of the fastest-growing markets in Southeast Asia, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The market still enjoyed an year-on-year increase of 270 percent …

The real estate sector is one of the most in-demand for foreign investment in Vietnam. Can foreign buyers set up a real estate company?

Everything you need to know on how to buy property in Vietnam. Can foreigners purchase real estate with a company in Vietnam? Answers.

The Thai government wants to encourage foreigners to buy a second home and is also set to relax the 90-day reporting requirement.

How do I buy a condo in Thailand if I am a foreigner? Are foreigners allowed to buy a house or a villa in Thailand? Answers to your questions in this article.

Thailand in general and Phuket in particular has established itself as an international resort destination, offering a wide range of luxury villas, condominiums and apartments for sale. For those buying a villa in Phuket..

If you are thinking of buying an apartment or condo in Hua Hin, this is the complete guide. How to invest in the Hua Hin property market.