Hanoi Luxury Apartments & Sky Villas For Sale

Ciputra Tay Ho Area

Sunshine Golden River is the first property development with luxury apartments & sky villas in Hanoi. Great real estate investment in Vietnam.


This real estate development in Hanoi consists of 200 luxury apartments with a living space of 130sqm to 200 sqm and 6 to 8 units per floor.

Each property has a large balcony with 2 meter width and 1 meter depth. Everyone can enjoy the green space and real privacy.

Sunshine Golden River brings these million-dollar views by placing Sunshine Sky Villas with views on the lake or golf course.

The apartments are designed with transparent glass walls spreading from floor to ceiling to optimize visibility.

The first condos in Hanoi with a height from the surface of the floor to the ceiling of 3.6 meter. Therefore, the living space is creating a feeling of comfort for the residents. It is a feeling of airiness and spaciousness that can be found only at Sunshine Golden River Hanoi project.

Sunshine Golden River is located at the primest location of Western West Lake Golden Land, offering a lot of green space, modern and synchronized infrastructure system.

Sunshine Golden River will be an ideal and popular living place for international residents and expats, and inherits all the advantages of Hanoi’s primest international urban area, promising to realize the dreams about a classy and convenient life.


From $550,000

Deposit: 100 million VND and sign a contract.
First Installment: 10% of the apartment price without VAT (including 100 million deposit)
Second Installment: 10% of apartment value – Sign a Sale Contract
Third Installment: 10% of apartment value
Fourth Installment: 10% of apartment value
Fifth Installment: 10% of apartment value
Sixth Installment: 10% of apartment value
Seventh Installment: 10% of apartment value
Eighth Installment: 25% of the apartment value – when handing over the property
Last Installment: 5% of the apartment value – upon receipt of the Land Use Right Certificate

Sunshine Golden River Gallery

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