Khon Kaen Isaan New Private Pool Villas For Sale

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An exclusive development of professionally designed and built high quality homes with private pools on the riverfront in Khon Kaen, Isan, Thailand.


Located on the banks of the Chi River with breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape while being close to the city centre.

Our villas are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a property with private pool and tropical lifestyle in an authentic region of Thailand, Isan. The houses offer quality architecture and construction, as well as excellent value for money.

The villas are designed to suit foreign buyers from any country as the properties are a fusion of Thai and Western. The houses are suitable for customers of all ages, whatever their reason for buying, whether it is to occupy the property or as an investment property.


The 3 bedroom house:

This spacious house with modern architecture is built to the highest standards. It is perfect for a couple or a small family; there are many options for this villa model.

The 4 bedroom house:

Based on the design of the 3 bedroom house, with a complementary bedroom and bathroom, this villa is perfect for those who want more living space but still retain the beautiful design.


Key features of the properties:

The properties come with 3 levels of security including high walls, remote controlled electronic doors and surveillance cameras.

From 7,987,000฿

An innovative concept and service guarantee

Pool maintenance is an essential part of our offer because we understand the importance of pool maintenance and cleaning in a region like Isaan.

That is why we professionally clean pools on a weekly basis using the best equipment, products and techniques.

We use an automated salt water chlorinator and the best filtration equipment. This gives you constant use of your pool and clean, healthy water.


About Khon Kaen Real Estate in Isan.

Investing in real estate in Khon Kaen, is a very interesting alternative to the more famous destinations in Thailand.

Khon Kaen is the next big opportunity in the Thai property market. Land prices are trending upwards and there is a real demand for new, high quality properties.

This is something we have seen over the years.

“Many of our buyers have bought several houses, one to live in and one to rent out, as the houses never sit empty,” reports the developer.

“Properties that are available for rent are never empty for long. Some tenants have been renting since the project was completed.”

Unlike other developers who rely on guaranteed returns to attract buyers, we don’t need such schemes. Indeed, it is much easier to rent a house in Khon Kaen than in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand.

“Our property development is great from a financial point of view, whether you decide to buy a villa to live in or to invest. You’ll see a great return on your investment. And on top of that, when you want to sell, the demand for your home will be there too,” says the developer.

In conclusion, it is quite possible to live and invest in real estate in Khon Kaen. And the real potential of the city is still in its infancy. If you’re looking for the new place to do real estate business, Khon Kaen is it.

And with its unique vision of high quality villas that offer great value for money, our development leads the way.


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