La Duquesa Homes For Sale Oceanic Sea View Villas


OCEANIC Villas between Sotogrande and La Duquesa offering new sea view homes for sale


This real estate development on the Costa del Sol has been designed with the firm intention of being the luxury villa project with the best panoramic sea views. The development consists of 25 beautiful homes that breathe the aroma of the sea breeze.
Situated in a unique and privileged location, these properties form a balcony over the Mediterranean Sea, which has never been done before. The perfect harmony of light, sea and luxury design.
OCEANIC allows you to live in an idyllic setting, where you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and the charm of the southern sunset every day. A magical feeling for nature lovers.

The environment blends into a splendid villa design of the highest quality, where no detail will be missing to create the perfect setting. The philosophy behind the Oceanic villas real estate development, shapes an architecture where spaces are bathed in light and where the air flow through the interior of the property.
In order to provide the greatest sense of freedom, the walls are glazed, leaving the interior of the villa open to view. This effect also protects the privacy of the owners.
The properties offer an ultra-contemporary design, which culminates in the elegance of the carefully chosen materials used in its construction.


As if they were a jewel, these villas have been designed with great thought and care. Bright and balanced landscape design with large gardens and terraces, where you can choose the size of the villa that best suits your lifestyle.
Starting with a serene design option, villa Oceanic Silver, through to a more elaborate villa, Oceanic Golden, and ending with the more opulent design represented by Villa Unique.
All options ensure harmony and balance and the well-being of the owners – making Oceanic the ultimate Mediterranean dream.


The villas are strategically located between the port of La Duquesa and Sotogrande, allowing you to enjoy two different lifestyles, only 15 minutes walk from the beach.
On the one hand, La Duquesa is characterised by a quiet family lifestyle, with all the services at hand and where peace and quiet are guaranteed.
On the other hand, Sotogrande is characterised by a lifestyle of a selective social elite. In the heart of Sotogrande, you can enjoy its spectacular marina with dozens of restaurants and luxury shops. Surrounded by golf courses, equestrian centres and sailing sports, Sotogrande is one of the most sought-after luxury destinations.



Price From 1,038,520€

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